Finding The Best Bergen County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence cases can potentially damage your life, especially if you are oblivious on how to go about them. They are super-sensitive in terms of personal information, which might be leaked to the public even before your case is mentioned. Domestic violence trial is a highly charged atmosphere and all information surrounding your case can have immense repercussions. That is why you should bring the right Bergen county domestic violence lawyer on board.

Key points to consider

Before hiring a domestic violence lawyer, consider the following key points:

  1. Do your research

Conduct an in-depth research on potential law firms and defense lawyers in your state. Determine their areas of specialization and the level of experience, especially in handling domestic violence cases. Look at their success rates and go for a law firm with a proven track record in handling domestic violence cases.

  1. Make appointments

Once you have narrowed the list down, book appointments. Many law firms and lawyers offer free consultations. This will help you evaluate if you’re compatible with your defender.

  1. Communication is important

Choose an attorney who’ll be readily available. Confirm that he/she is keen to keep communication lines open. You will need to know what he/she knows and vice versa. Remember, honesty is the best policy. So be honest with your lawyer.

  1. Prices and expectations

Endeavor to understand each of your expectations as well as goals. Ask about the pricing and document everything to help you get the facts clear.

Domestic violence case: Possible outcomes

The outcome of a domestic violence cases does vary between states. However, common outcomes include:

  • Dismissal with prejudice.In this case, the jury will decide that you are not guilty and your case should be closed and never be reopened in the future.
  • Dismissal without prejudice.If there isn’t enough evidence to convict you, the jury may rule the case as a dismissal without prejudice. However, the case can be re-opened in the future.
  • Amended charges.In this case, the prosecutor may adjust your charges by excluding domestic violence charges.
  • Stipulated order of compliance.The jury may dismiss your case if you agree to act in accordance with certain rules of conduct.
  • A guilty finding. You may take a plea or found guilty by the court after a trial. In either case, the court will pronounce itself and sentence you.

Domestic violence cases can be demanding, dramatizing, and time-consuming. That is why you should talk to your Bergen county domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. He/she knows how to get all the facts and find the best way of representing you in a court of law. Therefore, if you have been arrested and domestic violence charges is pressed against you in Bergen County, you have a vital choice to make. The choice can free you or get you behind bars for years. A jail term can stain your reputation and ruin your relationships. Thus, the key is in making the right choice and choose the best attorney. Our lawyers are trained, certified, and experienced to see your case through to victory.

Have you been arrested and accused of domestic violence? Is your spouse physically abusive toward your family? Do not assume that all is well after the initial anger subsides. Whether you have been arrested and accused of domestic violence or you have concerns about your children’s safety, it is vital to seek the services of an experienced Bergen county domestic violence lawyer to take you through this lengthy legal battle.

At Schreyer law firm, our experienced attorneys have been helping domestic violence victims throughout Bergen County by offering them professional legal representation they need. So, don’t stay in silence. Contact us today