Green card, US immigration

Foreign citizens need to have a permanent residency visa for US to become a US green card holder. It is important for a foreign citizen to get sponsorship from a US citizen, to become eligible for a green card. A person who has gained permanent residency in this country can also sponsor a person for PR in this country. The immigration procedure gets started when the sponsor puts up an application for immigration on the behalf of his employee or relative in the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

A US citizen has certain privileges when it comes to sponsoring someone for the permanent residency in this country. He can nominate various kinds of relatives like his spouse, siblings, children and even parents for PR of this country. However, a permanent resident of this country can put up a permanent residency petition for his spouse and unmarried children.

The I-130 visa application is required for a family member who wishes to sponsor his family member for US permanent residency. For a sponsoring employer, the immigration petition is required under the visa class I-140. If the candidate for the permanent residency has some special skills, he is also authorized to sponsor himself for the permanent residency application.

The United States government has mentioned limits on the number of permanent residency candidates every year from every country. So, as per limits if the quantity of candidates who have qualified for this visa, is more than the limit for this visa, there is a certain waiting list. As per this list, those candidates are given priority for being issued this visa, those who have filed the visa petitions earlier than the others.

So, every candidate for whom a visa petition is filed, is given a priority date, which is the date of his petition filing. Also, it should be stated that it is essential for the candidate whose petition has been approved by the National Visa Center processing should then hire a US immigration agent so that he is guided about all the details of documentation filing for this visa. He can get his visa approved through correct documentation.

For green card issues and USA immigration, green card attorney is one of the most important people you should work with if you are facing immigration concerns. The laws in many states are making it harder for people in the country to live here illegally. While the overall laws of the country have not changed in that you must enter through the legal process, there are still many people battling the system. If you are in the country illegally or you are hoping to bring a loved one here legally, there are steps you can take to fix the underlying concern.

To do this, your first step is to contact a green card attorney. This attorney is working for you, which means he or she will not share your personal information with anyone else, including the immigration authorities. In many situations, this first step of contacting an attorney can put you on the path to living without looking over your shoulder. For many people, this really does mean life and death but working through the system is critical.

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