How to Counter the Sellers Argument that you can Claim Accident and Sickness Clause instead of Unemployment?

At one point of time, PPI was one of the most widely sold financial policies in the market. However, all that was happening mostly was mis-selling encouraged by the bank, and due to the lack of awareness among the consumers. The people were sold PPI without their knowledge and many people were sold PPI even when they were not eligible to get its benefits. It went on for many years until bubble burst, and public realised that they have lost billions collectively in premium paid towards PPI. The court finally ordered the banks to pay the consumers their due amount.

However, the refund that is given by the bank is not given without due diligence conducted by the consumers. Many a times, the banks even reject the claims made by the consumers if the documents provided are not sufficient or if there are any other errors. There are many different arguments that take place, one of which is regarding unemployment and sickness, which calls for the PPI to cover the financial obligations.

There are times when PPI sellers argue with the claimant telling that if they cannot claim unemployment, they can use the accident and sickness clause of the PPI. This is just a trick by the seller to avoid paying you the compensation. If you have been given the same excuse, here are some ways to counter it –

  • Demand to know why you were given the policy at the same rate as others when you should have been given a cheaper policy which excludes the unemployment clause.
  • Tell the seller that your job offers you excellent sick pay and have sufficient income protection from somewhere else. You do not want to pay for duplicate cover.
  • Show that you have sufficient resources to pay for your loan if you were ill or sick.
  • Ask why you were not asked about your medical history since the policies exclude claims from people with some pre-existing conditions. Ask them why you were not informed about this?

Here are the few things to keep in mind to make sure that you are able to get the PPI coverage without any hassles. The clauses of PPI are a bit complex, but you need to be patient and go through it thoroughly to make sure you get the payment protection insurance claim that was promised.