Slip And Fall Accident- Causes, Consequences And Compensation

Slip and fall accidents are quite large in number. As you well know, accident is an unfortunate incidence that causes injury and damage. In slip and fall, damage could be minor to major injuries like brain injuries, fractured leg, bone dislocation, muscle damage, and many more severe damages. In all circumstances it is hampering the victim morally, physically and financially.  The impact of slip and fall depends on the severity of the accident, it could be for short period or lifelong and it is directly proportional to the victims rehabilitation bill.


Indoor and outdoor

Accident that occurs due to slipping or tripping on others property is known as slip and fall accident. Accident could happen for many reasons such as wet floor, broken stair, torn carpeting or less visibility. Sometimes, adverse weather conditions like snowfall, too much rain etc. can amplify the occurrence of such accidents. In such cases the owner of the property could be held responsible and victim can seek legal aidand demand for compensation. Such accidentscan occur in commercial, residential, and government premises, such as public places like restaurant, office parking lot, and shopping mall, grocery store, etc.

Identifying Possibilities

In slip and fall cases it is not easy to determine whether the accident happens due to victim’s negligence or if it was the property owners fault. Many factors need to be taken into consideration before taking legal action against the property owner. First and foremost, does the owner of the property has themselves caused the damage and created a situation which could have lead to such accidents. Secondly, does the property owner has prior information about the affected area or condition but has not taken any initiative or action to repair it considering the expense and other factors. And lastly, it is the responsibility of the property owner to keep the property safe so owner should have identified the damaged or dangerous conditions of the property and could have fixed it beforehand to avoid such accidents.

Legal help

So if you or someone you know has had this type of an accident, along with medical aid you must also take legal aid. Contact any experienced lawyer as early aspossible so that he can analyze and evaluate the legitimacy of the claim before the time for filing a lawsuit expires as there is a statute of limitation attached to such incidents.