So You Think You are Ready for a Water Pipe?

Do you feel like it is time to take your smoking to the next level with a water pipe? Or are you wanting to make your experience as healthy as possible with as little harshness to your lungs and throat as possible? Well, there are few things to consider first, especially if this your first water pipe.

Water Pipes

The first thing you should ask yourself, is how much can you really handle? When it comes to water pipes the bigger the stack, the bigger the hit. Which if you are a newbie at this, could leave you coughing up a lung and immobilized on the couch. The other thing to consider when thinking about size is, are you out in the open with your smoke or to you like to put your goodies away in mixed company? The bigger the glass, the harder it is to conceal. For example, a pipe larger than 16″ can be a bit of a challenge to store, particularly on a closet shelf where they have a bigger chance of toppling over.

The next choices you will make are more preference and taste, things like mouthpiece style thick vs. thin or if you will use a slide or an ash catcher. For the more refined smoker, you can pick male vs. female; this is more of a concentrate vs. herb smoker issue. Concentrate smokers will choose male ends, and herb smokers use female ends because they work with both ash catchers and the slide. If all the decisions are harshing your mellow man, then you can always choose a Glass Bubbler.

Glass Bubblers

Glass Bubblers are an ideal choice for those new to the water pipe game. Popular among so many people because of their size and portability, plus there are fewer options to have to decide on up-front. That does not mean there is less of variety to choose from when it comes to shape and size, however. There are Hammer Bubblers which resemble a hammer or judges gavel. Sidecar Bubblers which have the mouthpiece on the side and prevent any splashback and water leaving your Bubbler. Sherlock Bubblers in the shape of an S. Pendant Bubblers, these are so compact that you can wear them as a necklace, hence the name Pendant. Concentrate Bubblers for not only concentrates but essential oils as well. All Bubblers share in ease and portability, but some drawbacks could be getting dirty quickly due to not being easy to clean and cheaper glass can break very easily. To check out an impressive selection of glass go to and enjoy the selection.

Some things to consider when purchasing your Bubbler would be:
Look at the carbs; you want them to be a decent size to help eliminate stale smoke and clear out your pipe. The newer the glass, the better. You do not want the glass to have been on the shelf for long periods of time.Make sure you can sit it on a flat surface and not spill any water out. Whether you go for the bigger glass of a Water Pipe or the compactness of a Bubbler, both will help cool your smoke for smooth hits and bring down the harshness to your lung and throat.