The Increasing Rates of Crime In The United States

In an article from India Spend, the rape cases go high by 277 percent which is almost triple. Based on the given data, 132% of it is getting raped by 2 or more men, which is more traumatic. Even though the Indian government is doing a lot of campaigns to ensure the women’s safety, the cases of it did not go low.

The conviction rate of the suspect in rape is only 29.7 percent, which is very disappointing to think. In these data, there is no wonder that women tend to keep it for themselves because they do not want to prolong the incident. But Indians are not the only country that has this problem, but also the United States of America, which is a lot worse.

As of now, there are ten million crimes committed in the United States of America each year. That is why the need for crime scene cleanup workers and companies are getting popular in the country as the crime gradually increases 1% each year. It is very alarming for US citizens to have this kind of statistics as they realize that the country is getting worst each year. It is essential to understand that the job of these professional investigators is not ordinary, and it not easy to work on.

Different Testimonials from crime scene investigators

According to Carol and Jeff Hall, the Crime Scene Investigators squad did a good job on a condominium located in south Florida. Unfortunately, a family member passed away which led them to do a challenging job of sanitizing and repairing an apartment that had been badly ignored. In 13 days, Stan Buryn’s team did the transformation and decimated, cleansed, disinfected, sterilized and refurnished the apartment  to the point where the family can put it for sale the day the work was completed.”

In another interview with Stanley P, a crime scene investigator said that the technology helps them to make their case easier. One example is a Blood Spatter Angle Calculator, Stanley successfully close out the homicide case with the help of the application. Even though it is not accurate, it is proven that it can give precise calculations of blood splatter.

Right Documentation and Chain of Custody

One missed documentation might result in a wrong procedure and can affect the whole case. The officer’s feeling and other experiences are included in the documentation even though they are not at the time where the crime occurs; it can still give a clue to solve the whole case.

The photos taken from the scene must also be documented before it is touch by any other person. These items are carefully tagged and placed in a place so that it will not be stolen and misplaced. Once the documentation completed, they will turn it over to the lead detectors to carefully solve the mystery of the crime.

Latest News About Crime Cases

Recent news about the teen that was murdered way back 1979 got solved. In the reports, Detective Hinkle examines the photo of deep cuts near the victim’s neck. They conclude that no damage has been done from the weapon handle called hilt. Therefore, the murderer’s hand slipped while stabbing Landers, which leaves the DNA behind it. For more information about it, please click here.