Under-Ride and Other Truck Accidents: What You Need To Know

The insurance industry estimates that in 2015, the latest year for which statistics are available,¬†“under-ride” crashes¬†between cars and tractor-trailers accounted for approximately 750 deaths in the United States.

These types of crashes occur when something — driver negligence on either side, weather conditions, or dangerous road conditions — causes a passenger automobile to slide under the side of the truck. This causes severe damage to the windshield, and generally severe injury and/or death to the driver and any passengers in the front seat.

If this type of crash — or any other accident that involves a large, non-passenger vehicle such as a tractor-trailer, construction truck, or even a school bus — occurs to you, it’s absolutely vital that you contact an attorney who specializing in litigating these types of cases.


Well, for one thing, it’s highly likely that the trucking company or construction company has its own attorneys on retainer — and those attorney are going to do everything they possibly can to shut down your case, and to deny paying any type of compensation.

If the trucking company can prove that you, the passenger car’s driver, were at fault for the accident, that will save them a great deal of money, not only because they won’t have to pay a claim to you, but also because their insurance won’t be affected negatively.

Do you want to go up against these big guns by yourself?

We didn’t think so.

After you have been in a devastating accident involving a large commercial vehicle of any type, contact an attorney to ask if you may have legal standing. Don’t just contact the lawyer who drew up your will last year, either; you need an experienced, savvy trucking accident lawyer who knows the legal precedents and the legal loopholes that can save the day for you.

These lawyers won’t ask for payment for an initial consultation, and most of the time they won’t charge you upfront, either; instead, they will only take your case if they feel 100% confident that they can win you a settlement, in which case their fee will come out of that settlement.

If a loved one has been killed in a tragic under-ride collision, you may also have grounds for compensation from the driver or the trucking company itself. Although you may want to simply mourn your loss and go on about your life, it is worthwhile to at least meet with a trucking accident lawyer to find out more. After all, any loss of income your family may now experience, not to mention damages for your emotional suffering, are worth at least looking into.

Whether you decide to pursue the case will, of course, be entirely your own decision. And if you do, you’ll have a confident, competent lawyer by your side, advising and assisting you during every step of the legal process.

Don’t let the damages from a trucking accident destroy your life. Contact a trucking accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident.