US immigration

If you are planning to immigrate to US then you should definitely go through this article because it will help you in guiding through the process. Before you apply, you need to understand the different types of categories that are available under which you can avail immigration. There are four types of immigration categories- family unification, skilled labour, refugee and diversity. Family unification category applies on those individuals who are not U S national but have married a US national. If the marriage is legal and the spouse, who is not a US national, is eligible for migration then the family unification immigration policy can make him a US immigrant. The family unification policy guarantees unification of family of all US national in the US.

Skilled labour immigration is the category that applies to skilled professionals who want to work in the US. There are thousands of students that study in the US and they also want to work in the US. Immigration under skilled labour migration policy helps this category of individuals. There is an upper cap on the number of people who can migrate under this policy. Enrolment of applications under this policy starts in the month of April. This is such a popular category that it get full within days of opening up. Allotment of visa happens on lottery basis. The remaining two categories- refugee and population diversity are relatively small. Refugee category is aimed at providing safe shelter to people who want to flee away from war zone. For this, the US department of external affairs publishes a list of all war zone countries from where people can migrate to the US. The final category- population diversity- is the smallest and very rarely people are admitted through this program.

Which category you may fall in, you will need a good immigration attorney to negotiate the process because US immigration process is so complex that if you do not engage a good attorney you are definitely going to goof up somewhere. Many people commit the mistake of doing everything on their own. This can turn out to be suicidal for your immigration chances. There are two major things for which you will need the attorney. The first is the paperwork. Tremendous amount of paperwork is required clearing the paper work and without an attorney you will definitely miss something. The second thing is information disclosure. You must disclose your information only in a certain way to get the visa. You can read more about immigration on the internet.