Ways to Test Your Coding Skills

Recently, Pointe Pest Control implemented a new 404 Page on their website. Pointe Pest Control is a pest control company on the West Coast that is exterminates residential and commercial pests throughout a few different states. They also happen to have a beautiful website that you can easily see has taken hours for developers to curate. If you take a minute to go through their site you are sure to agree.



Their marketing company recently went to their coding team with a unique project. They wanted a unique 404 page built to place on any broken webpages to let their visitors know they have reached a broken link. The marketing team’s goal was to provide a better experience for their visitors when they happened upon a broken link or page on their website. Recently, unique 404 pages are becoming a popular website practice. Hundreds of articles can be found popping up through Google searches regarding unique or funny 404 pages. While a 404 page used to cause concern for many businesses, they are flipping the coin and suggesting that 404 pages can be an enjoyable experience for the website visitors. In fact, some even offer games for the visitors to play for a while when they reach the page- just as Pointe Pest Control has done for their website.


There are many numerical reasons for websites to implement 404 pages such as link building, time on site, and bounce rate. But, we know that you are ultimately interested in how the 404 page was built. Our team of developers coded, from the ground up, a unique page that mimics the popular computer game, Space Invaders.


We would suggest that if you are interested in testing how good your coding skills are that jump into action and try it for yourself. A quick Google search will bring up hundreds of examples for you to dig into. Looking into the code will provide you with many great ideas and you can be on your way to creating a beneficial web page and better your career as a developer.

Some ideas that we would suggest is to make the 404 page unique. Don’t go and steal ideas. Crafting a unique page will allow you to test your skills. Also, if you page is new and great you will find yourself popping up in many articles about the skills that you showed while developing the page. Developing a unique 404 pages can be great for your career if you do it correctly. Since 404 pages are so hot right now, if you do it right and are successful in creating a great page the likelihood of the page being seen and noticed across the web is very likely. What are you waiting for? Go start coding a sick site!