What services can an immigration lawyer provide?

Immigration lawyers can be immensely helpful to people who have been affected by the current anti-immigrant atmosphere that is prevailing in the US. Below we have listed some of the situations in which you can turn to an immigration lawyer for seeking legal advice.

Family immigration is particularly under threat from the Donald Trump’s administration. He has attacked this form of immigration at several rallies and through several presidential declarations. Family immigrants from Muslim countries are especially affected. In fact he has put immigration restriction for 3 months against people from 7 Arab countries. Although this has been challenged and even stayed by few courts, if you are from those countries then you need to be extra careful.  Let us first understand what does family immigration exactly entails. The US constitution guarantees unification of family of all Americans who have married a non-American and for this it provides special provision in the immigration. The other way you can bring your family to the US is through the refugee immigration program. The refugee immigration program is under threat from the President Trump’s regime and if you are in a situation due to that then you should definitely consult an immigration lawyer.

Employment immigration is one of the most popular immigration categories and it is also under serious threat from current administration’s policies. The US immigration law provides for situations in which any company can hire non US nationals for positions based out of US. For this to happen, the company must provide acceptable reason for why it cannot fill up the position internally. Till now this rule was pretty relaxed and hence a large number of people were able to immigrate to the US under it, however the current administration has tightened up the rule so much that it is becoming difficult for companies to hire even a single position. What is more troublesome is that the humongous amount of paperwork associated with this provision makes it even easier for the government for create obstacles. It is highly recommended by us that you should hire a reputed immigration attorney to clear your case. There are numerous immigration blogs that tells stories successful immigration attempts. The bottom line is that you must hire service of a good immigration lawyer who will not only help you with your paperwork but also tell you how to smartly negotiate your immigration journey.