Why Do We Break Rules And Commit Crimes?

A lot of people would think they are law-abiding citizens. They do not commit crimes such as theft, murder, or any other heinous crimes. But with the rising crime rate and everything, this doesn’t seem to be true.

Why then do people still break the rules and commit crimes? There is a saying which goes as “Habits are hard to break.” we break the rules just because it has become a habit, an example is smoking even when an anti-smoking law is in place. It is common especially when new rules have been implemented, but since it has been a habit, we forego with the new regulations now this ends up with us breaking the new law.

Another reason is the rules are broken because they become an inconvenience. A person would find some regulations unnecessary or not needed in the first place. Now for juveniles, a study indicates that most minors break the rules due to peer pressure and wanting of acceptance in a group or society. Most youths have been caught drinking and smoking weed most of the time. This pressure of wanting to be in the it crowd or a group pushes some minors to break the rules and commit crimes.

7 Most Common Laws That Often Gets Broken

Cell phone use while driving; This is very rampant nowadays all thanks to technology. Everyone can’t seem to let go of their phones even while driving. There are thirty-one states that ban cellphone use for novice drivers. We may not talk or text while driving but admit it or not you still use your phone to use those GPS apps.

Underage drinking; A data of 7.2 % of young people ranging from ages 12 and 17 are with reports of binge drinking. This underage alcohol drinking often ends up in other criminal or juvenile cases like DUI and DWI. Now is some states there is a difference between the two. If your child is to be detained with such evidence, it is best to seek  dui vs dwi texas so one can get professional help in such situations.

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Failure of updating drivers license when moving; Moving without updating one’s driver’s license information can result in a ticket and license suspension.

Not getting what we call a dog license; There are lots of pet owners in the United States. Almost all states require that one’s pet dog is to be with registration at a certain age at their local municipality.  Registration costs range from $20  to $100.

Poker at home with money involved; Some states actually prohibit what you call a friendly game of poker at home that requires money. Example would be the state of Mississippi which forbids all sort of gambling except if it is for charitable reason or if you are on a cruise

Speeding; Driving over the speed limit is dangerous no matter what your reasons are for doing so. Almost a third of road fatalities are due to speeding.

Sharing one’s medication; It is illegal for all states the possession and using of medication not prescribed.

So the next time we do something let us think twice. Sometimes there is that urge of doing something even though we know it is already considered as breaking the law may that be minor let us still be aware.

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